Founded in 1982 Arpas past and present is filled with big leaps for not only the Turkish jewelry sector but also the Worlds jewelry markets.

Creation of a Global Brand

Arpas was founded in 1982 with the mission of becoming a major player in the world markets as one stop shopping jewelry manufacturer vendor for regional retail chains as well as major wholesalers. Although Arpas was founded in Turkey the company did not enter Turkish jewelry market until 1993.
Today Arpas products can be found at over 1500 retail stores in Turkey as well as the retail stores of 79 countries world wide.

Evolution of a Company

Our story in manufacturing jewelry begins with the classic methods such as casting. Yet technological advancements of 1980 and 1990’s were not ignored. Arpas exceled its ability to produce innovative jewelry in stamping, tubing, hollow, electroforming, metal mold casting, 3-dimentional casting, fusion and CNC based technologies following year after year heavy investment in new technology. Yet we still believe that our most important investment has been on human resources. Thanks to our engineers and other professional staff, Arpas is the only jewelry brand in the world to produce over 620 thousand styles in such diverse technologies.

Our Family

Today with over 1100 employees, Arpas is one the most professional company among global jewelry markets. Besides having capable engineers at all key points of the production, Arpas is being managed by highly educated individuals. Our other departments are as follows; Quality Assurance, Design and Development, domestic and global marketing and various logistical departments such as accounting, shipping, human resources, information technologies and corporate security.

Despite having all these departments Arpas is a company managed with parallel hierarchy system. As a result when it comes to sharing problems or finding solutions all employees have direct access to management even the CEO’s office. At Arpas we believe that professionalism can go hand in hand with a family structure therefore mutual thrust has been the main pillar of our relationships.

Social Responsibilities

We believe a good deed should be done and forgotten about, not advertised. However there are some we can share regarding our business culture. Arpas is a brand dedicated to create jewelry from precious metals and stones provided from clean resources. We take special responsibility in recycling and re-using as much resources as possible. Minimizing our carbon foot print while maximizing our output is the key for a prosperous future.

Our Jewels

One of the main advantages of achieving 100% own production capabilities is to be able to specify your product for the end user and keep control over those specifications. At Arpas we start production from the alloys we use because we don’t want any nickel, cadmium or other heavy metals which are not only hazardous to our end-users but also environmentally unfriendly. In the end we believe that wearing jewelry should make one feel good about themselves without causing any irritation, therefore we made sure that our entire product line of 620,000 styles are made from allergy free alloys. Arpas sources its pure gold and silver from Europe’s finest refineries. We take great care of every step of the way so that we can ensure Arpas quality, purity and guarantee.

We care so much because true beauty must be good from within as well as far. 

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